In Peloton there are three big tours and 10 small tours.

Here's an overview of all the tours in order of position in the calendar.
(You can find the full list of the Tours with more statistics at at Peloton Stats)
Paris-Nice (3 races)
Tirreno-Adriatico (3 races)
Vuelta al Pais Vasco (3 races)
Tour de Romandie (3 races)
Giro d'Italia (11 races)
Volta a Catalunya (3 races)
Criterium du Dauphiné Libéré (3 races)
Tour de Suisse (4 races)
Tour de France (11 races)
Deutschland Tour (3 races)
Eneco Tour (3 races)
Vuelta Ciclista a Espana (11 races)
Tour de Pologne (3 races)

You can take part in a tour by adding your cyclists in your teams tactics for the first race of that tour. You will find those team tactics in the calendar. For every participating cyclist you'll have to pay 500$ participation fee, which is lower than the fee for single races. However the same rule is applied here: the more cyclist you select, the better they will perform.

For every tour, you have to select two different cyclists to strive for the sprints jersey or the mountain jersey.
Only cyclists selected for the points jersey will gain points at the sprint locations during races.
Only cyclists selected for the mountain jersey will gain points at the mountain sprints located in several races.
However, at the finish all cyclists can gain points for the green jersey and bonifications seconds.
The winner of a race gets 10 seconds of bonification, the 2nd one 5 seconds and the 3th cyclists will gather 3 bonification second.
Peloton will automatically assume that the cyclists selected for the jersey struggle are the same for every race during that tour. Though you are able to select another cyclist for the next race(s) in that tour.

For a closer look on how the race results are calculated, click 'Races' in the menu on your left.

Prize money

Prize money is handed out after every race and when the tour is finished.

Single race prize money

Money Nr. of cyclists recieving money
Winner 50.000 20
Sprint/Mountain Points 2500 3

Final standings prize money

Big tour Small tour Nr. of cyclists recieving money
Yellow Jersey 250.000 100.000 20
Green Jersey 200.000 80.000 10
Mountain Jersey 200.000 80.000 10

NOTE: In tour races there's a maximum of 50.000$ victory bonus awarded. However, you won't always win the full amount because it is dependent on the number of participating teams.
If at least 70 cyclists participate, the full amount is awarded. For every cyclist less the victory bonus diminishes with 1%.
E.g.: if 55 cyclists participate, there are 15 cyclist short for a full victory bonus, which means only 85% will be divided.

Points and money (in percent of the prize money) for a tour race:

position points (division) points (Tour) Money (in %)
1. 60 10 100
2. 40 9 75
3. 25 8 50
4. 15 7 35
5. 12 6 20
6. 10 5 10
7. 8 4 9
8. 6 3 8
9. 4 2 7
10. 2 1 6
11. 0 0 5
12. 0 0 4
13. 0 0 3
14. 0 0 2
15. 0 0 1
16.-20. 0 0 0,5
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